Visit Bucharest – Two days trip

Palace of Parliament

The Palace of Parliament


  • Places to visit:
    1. The Palace of Parliament,
    2. The Old Center (The Old Town)
    3. The Old Court ruins
    4. The Treasury in the Museum of History
    5. The University’s Square
    6. The Revolution Square,
    7. The Romanian Athenaeum,
    8. The Romanian Peasant’s Museum
    9. The Village Museum.


  • Necessary time: Two days
  • Type of tour: guided
  • Transportation means: on foot, by scooter
  • Pick-up services: airport, train station, bus station, hotel

The two days trip in Bucharest can include more of the most important and the most beautiful places to visit. These are our picks for a two days trip in Bucharest. The guided tour offers you much more knowledge about the things you’re about to see and saves you time by knowing the exact places to go.

If you know how to ride a scooter (the human foot powered ones), the time spent traveling between landmarks will be shorter, you will be more fresh and you’ll have more time to spend visiting.

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 Day 1

1. The Palace of Parliament

The Palace of Parliament was built by the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu who intended to DSC_0139have one of the biggest palaces in the world. But he never moved there.

The facts about this building: it is in the Top 3 biggest constructions in the world that could be seen from the outer space and being the second large building after the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

The visiting program is a short one, so you have to check it before going. Don’t forget your ID/ Passport, as the access is conditioned by presenting these documents!



The Hanul lui Manuc Restaurant

2. The Old Center (Old Town)

The Old Center is one of the most visited places by those who love old and new cafes, bistros, cozy restaurants and fine terraces. All of them placed between old buildings, right in the center of Bucharest. The Old Court’s ruins are also here, as well as two of the most nice restaurants: Hanu’ lui Manuc and Caru’ cu Bere.




The Old Court

 3. The Old Court ruins

First a citadel built by Vlad Tepes (also known as Dracula) around 1458, the Old Court was rebuild many times after it was torched by the enemies. Around 1700 was richly decorated with columns, paintings and marble stairs. In 1798 it was sold by auction and a new city plan was developed on the ruins, a lot of them being covered by new streets, houses and shops. Today, a part of these ruins can be visited, showing the walls and rooms of the Old Court.


„Tezaurul de la Pietroasele Closca MNIR Tezaur” de Necunoscut - Operă proprie. Sub licență CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

The Treasury in the Museum of History

4. The Treasury in the Museum of History

The Treasury in The National History Museum

The basement of the National Museum of History houses the Romania’s Treasury. A lot of gold objects and artifacts from ancient times are exposed. Also the crown of the Romanian Kings can be admired. It is known that the biggest part of the Romania’s treasury was taken by the Russians after the WWII, but this small part in the museum will enchant you.




The University’s Square

5. The University’s Square

The University’s Square is one of the nicest squares in the middle of Bucharest. You can admire the University’s Building, the Russian Church and very close, the Coltea Church and Hospital. This square is very important for the Romanians, being one of the landmarks where the 1989 Revolution against communist regime started.


Day 2


Piata Palatului

The Revolution Square (The Palace’s Square)

6. The Revolution Square (The Royal Palace Square)

The  Royal Palace’s Square, now called the Revolution Square, has the nicest buildings in Bucharest. Here the Royal Palace is (now the Museum of Art), as well as the Athenaeum, the University’s Library and the former Senate’s Building.




7. The Romanian Athenaeum

ateneul roman

The Romanian Athenaeum

Finished in 1888, is the place where the Romanian Philharmonic has its home. Built especially as a Concert Hall by public subscription, is one of the richest architectonic buildings in Bucharest. The main Concert Hall is round and has all-around a big fresco representing the most important moments in Romanian history until 1888.




The Romanian Peasant’s Museum

8. The Romanian Peasant’s Museum

This museum is part of the European Popular Art and Traditions family, having very rich collections of popular objects in a Neo-Romanian architectural style building.  You can admire the clothes from different areas of Romania, ceramics, carved wood and metal objects, carpets and religious objects.




9. The Village Museum


The Village Museum

Started in 1936, this museum brings in Bucharest all the peasant’s house types from all 0ver Romania. In the beginning, the houses were brought together with their inhabitants, to live in the museum. That’s why all the houses have the popular interiors where actual people lived, as well as the barns and house annexes together with old earth working tools.

This is one of the must see places in Bucharest.


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