Trip 2 – Fagaras Mountains

Romania – what a beautiful country!explore_carpathian_garden


The Chapel in Curtea de Arges Monastery


If you are willing to visit Romania having a personal guide, this is the way you should do it!  All the locations described in this site and many others are available for you to visit!  Don’t hesitate, it will worth it!

Seniors and families are welcome!

We are offering trips by mini-van for small groups or families to the most visited locations in the country, with English speaking guide! Just let you be charmed by the beautiful landscapes and places and … don’t forget your camera! You can change the tight and commercial schedule of a coach by choosing to travel in this way and to have a good time wherever you go!


Bucharest > Curtea de Arges > Poienari Citadel > Vidraru Dam > Balea Lake > Bucharest.


Detail of Curtea de Arges Monastery

  • Places to visit:
  1. The Curtea de Arges Monastery;
  2. The Poienari Citadel;
  3. The Vidraru Dam;
  4. Transfagarasan Road;
  5. The Balea Lake; 
  • Necessary time: One day
  • Type of tour: guided
  • Transportation means: by car, included
  • Pick-up services: airport, train station, hotel


Contact us for more information and for a price quotation for this trip. We’ll be happy to help you!


Curtea de Arges Monastery

1. Curtea de Arges Monastery

This monastery is one of the most beautiful in the region. Built in 1517 by Neagoe Basarab, it has a legend linked to it, that makes it very attractive to tourists. The legend says that one of the workers, Manole, built his wife in the walls of the church because the construction was falling down every night. After the human sacrifice was done, the church was erected. Also, Manole was asked if he can make a more beautiful church and, after he approved, he was  left on the roof. He made himself some wooden wings and tried to fly down. He died and where he fell, the legend says, a well appeared.





The Poienari Citadel

2. Poienari Citadel

This is a citadel build on the orders of Vlad the Impaler (known as Dracula). It was built in 1485, and there are 1485 stairs to climb to it. Also a very small citadel, for maximum 15 soldiers, is very well placed and the landscape from up there is beautiful. There are some impaled manequins to show you how Vlad the Impaler was dealing with corruption.



The Vidraru Dam

3. Vidraru Dam

Built in 1965 is well known in Romania as having one of the most beautiful landscapes. Here, the mountains reflect into the artificial lake, seeming that they have two peaks. On one side of the dam, there is the giant statue of Prometheus having the lightning in his hands, the symbol of electricity.






Transfagarasan Road

 4. Transfagarasan Road

This is one of the most spectacular roads in Romania, going up to the altitude of 2042 meters, to Balea Lake. The road was build on Nicolae Ceausescu’s order, who wanted another road to pass the Fagaras mountains besides the ones that already existed. The sightseeing is amazing, especially seen from the upper part of the road, near the peak. A waterfall enriches the beautiful road, but, in the same time, the last tunnel under the peak is very scary.





Balea Lake

5. Balea Lake

This is one of the highest points in Romania that can be reached by road. The glacial lake surrounded by mountain peaks is crystal clear. Here you can find snow also in summer. From here, if it isn’t cloudy, you can see Transylvania. This point is available only in summer. The falling rocks and snow are blocking it between October and May. A cable car is available on the other side of the mountain for winter access. In winter they build here an Ice Hotel and an Ice Church.



All the trips can be combined, as you can visit as many places as you like. The trip can be extended to two or more days, so we will be closer to the things you want to see. For this reason we can offer overnight hotel/ pension accommodation for you, to taste the Romanian hospitality in the region.

You’re welcome to choose the places you want to see and we’ll make the plans together!


Contact us for more information and for a price quotation for this trip. We’ll be happy to help you!



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