The Village Museum, Bucharest, Romania

explore_carpathian_gardenBucharest is characterised by one of the most attractive museums in Europe, the one that  shows old and attractive houses of the people from all around Romania.

The Village Museum (also called Dimitrie Gusti) is not far from the city center,  but I recommend taking a bus or a taxi, as you will have to walk a lot in the museum.

It is open every day of the week (even Monday, when the most Romanian museums are closed – but you can not see the inside of the houses, only the outside), between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, and the entrance fee is 10 lei (around 2.5 euro). Audio guide and different language guides are available, but a different fee applies.

Vizualizaţi Village Museum (Dimitrie Gusti) pe o hartă mai mare

The museum was founded in 1936. The houses in  the museum were brought from all Romania’s regions – Transylvania, Banat, Moldavia, Oltenia, Muntenia, Dobrogea. They are real houses that have been dismantled on their original location and brought to Bucharest together with all the buildings and tools around them (barns, stables, ploughs and also looms and all the instruments the peasants were using). For a period,  the owners of the houses, that moved to Bucharest together with the houses, lived there. So, I recommend visiting also the inside of the open houses, where you will be astonished how people could live there together with a lot of kids is such small rooms.

The main attraction is the Maramures wooden church, that was built around 1772 and was manually painted. Of course you will have to take a bow to enter it, as the door is not too high.

On the lake you will find fishermen’s houses that shows you not only the houses, but the boats, fishing nets and other instruments they were using for earning their day-by-day living.

Other particular houses are the ones that are half buried in the ground and covered with reed. This system was very good, because it was keeping the heat inside during the winter and the cold during the summer.

On exit you can visit the shop that exposes a lot of popular handmade things. Personally, I prefer the shop in the Romanian Peasant Museum which is cheaper.

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