Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania

Peles1explore_carpathian_gardenNot very far from Bucharest, at about 2 hours by car, in Sinaia, the Peles Castle opens its gates for visitors.

It was not the same in the past. I remember when I was a kid we were first allowed just to see it from the gates, but later, the regime closed all the access to the castle and around it. But now it’s open to the public, as a museum.

When you see the castle for the first time, you will be astonished by its beauty and richness. I must say that outside is a castle, but when you got inside, is more like a palace.

But, let’s begin with the beginning.

The Peles Castle was built by the first king of Romania, king Carol I of Hohenzollern. He started the building in 1874 as he wanted a summer castle.  But it took many years to become as it is today. King Carol I was going there near 6 months during the summer, but after his death, the castle started to be more like a place for ceremonies and official visits and also a museum. When communists came, the castle was nationalised, and first, acted like a museum, till 1975. Then, it was closed to the public. After 1990 and after the communist era, the castle was opened again to the visitors.

Vizualizaţi Castelul Peles, Sinaia pe o hartă mai mare

It is good to know that the complex of the Castle has three royal residences: Peles – the big castle built by King Carol I for himself, Pelisor – a smaller and more cozy castle built also by King Carol I for his succesor, and Foisor – the hunting house (which is now closed, as it is part of the State Protocol). Also, all the facilities for the servants, horse stables, guardians’ house, garden’s house, cavaliers’ house and more were built around the castle.

I have to mention that the Castle, when was built, was endowed with cutting edge technology at that time, like full electric lighting, opening ceiling, tap water and elevator. You will see a lot of very rich rooms, painted walls and wood carved ceilings. There are thematic rooms like the Maure room, weapons room and more. The furniture is beautiful sculptured.

The Castle can be visited during the winter from Wednesday to Sunday and during summer from Tuesday to Sunday.

There are three available tours – General Exhibit (ground floor), Optional tour I (ground floor and 1st floor) and Optional tour II (ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor). English guided tour is available as well as other languages.

The fees are around 20 to 70 lei per person (5 to 15 euro) with special discounts for seniors and students. A photo and filming tax will also appy for those who want to have memories from inside. More data regarding the visiting hours and tariffs are on the official website: I would recommend to have the Optional tour I, if you are going to visit Pelisor also. The 2nd floor of the Peles Castle has the guests rooms that are more simple and modern, resembling in part to the ones in Pelisor.

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful Castles in Europe.


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