Trip 1 – Castles Tour – Peles, Rasnov, Bran (Dracula’s Castle)

Romania – what a beautiful country!explore_carpathian_garden


The Peles Castle’s Tower

If you are willing to visit Romania having a personal guide, this is the way you should do it!  All the locations described in this site and many others are available for you to visit!  Don’t hesitate, it will worth it!

Seniors and families are welcome!

We are offering trips by mini-van for small groups or families to the most visited locations in the country, with English speaking guide! Just let you be charmed by the beautiful landscapes and places and … don’t forget your camera! You can change the tight and commercial schedule of a coach by choosing to travel in this way and to have a good time wherever you go!


Bucharest > Peles Castle Sinaia > Rasnov Citadel > Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle) > Bucharest.

  • Places to visit:


    The inner yard of Peles Castle

  1. The Peles Castle Sinaia;
  2. The Pelisor Castle (optional);
  3. The Sinaia Monastery;
  4. The Rasnov Citadel; 
  5. The Bran (Dracula’s) Castle;
  • Necessary time: One day
  • Type of tour: guided
  • Transportation means: by car, included
  • Pick-up services: airport, train station, hotel


Contact us for more information and for a price quotation for this trip. We’ll be happy to help you!


The Peles Castle

 1. The Peles Castle

The Peles Castle was built by the first king of Romania, king Carol I of Hohenzollern. He started the building in 1874 as he wanted a summer castle.  But it took many years to become as it is today. King Carol I was going there near 6 months during the summer, but after his death, the castle started to be more like a place for ceremonies and official visits and also a museum. When communists came, the castle was nationalized, and first, acted like a museum, till 1975. Then, it was closed to the public. After 1990 and after the communist era, the castle was opened again to the visitors.



The Pelisor Castle


2. The Pelisor Castle

You’ll be surprised when you reach the Peles Castle that, near it, there is a second, smaller castle. This second one is Queen Maria’s Castle – Pelisor. This one is more inspired from the Romanian popular art, as the Queen loved it and she designed more of the castle’s rooms. The most impressive of all is the Gold Room, a room in carved wood covered in gold.





The Sinaia Monastery

3. The Sinaia Monastery

The monastery is divided in two areas. The old monastery, build in the 17th century has its name from Mount Sinai, as its founder, Mihai Cantacuzino, wanted to remember his trip in the Holy Land. The new part of the monastery was started around 1845 and was repaired and redesigned around 1903 by the king. The bell was brought from Bucharest and weights around 1.5 tons.




The Rasnov Citadel

4. The Rasnov Citadel 

The Rasnov Citadel was build like a defense citadel by the local people, being mentioned for the first time around 1335.  When their villages were attacked , the people around it were going inside and defend themselves. From 1427 was also used a commercial transit point. Very nice popular hand-made objects exposed, some of them being the original ones.




The Dracula’s Castle (Bran)

5. The Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)

Bran Castle was one of the most important defense castles in Transylvania built to ensure the security of the Bran Pass. Later, was transformed in a royal family castle, and became famous after Bram Stoker placed his novel “Dracula”, here. Now, the castle is completed by the “Tower of Terror” where torture objects and their use description are exposed. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to see this if you don’t want to).



All the trips can be combined, as you can visit as many places as you like. The trip can be extended to two or more days, so we will be closer to the things you want to see. For this reason we can offer overnight hotel/ pension accommodation for you, to taste the Romanian hospitality in the region.

You’re welcome to choose the places you want to see and we’ll make the plans together!


Contact us for more information and for a price quotation for this trip. We’ll be happy to help you!



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