Rasnov Citadel, Rasnov, Romania

rasnov1explore_carpathian_gardenBuilt in the 1st century B.C., the Rasnov Citadel was the most important Dacian fortified citadel in South-Eastern Transylvania. Its name was Cumidava. The upper citadel was very well fortified, having ground waves, wooden palisades and ditches, around it. Inside there were houses, a lot of them carved in stone. After the Roman conquest, Cumidava was abandoned.

The first document that proves the existence of Rasnov Citadel is from 1335, when the people from the village got covered from enemies. There were a lot of tries for the Citadel to be conquested, but without success.

As the citadel rises on a peak of a rocky hill, the biggest problem on siege was the lack of water. In 1612 the defenders of the citadel had to surrender in front of their enemy, the Hungarian Prince of Transylvania, because their access to the spring outside the citadel was cut. So, after this, they carved in stone a well, about 146 meters deep, to supply the water they needed.

After 1860 the Citadel fell into ruin. It was consolidated and repaired between 1955-1956.

For more information on the Rasnov Citadel, please read the articles on www.rasnov-turism.ro

Vizualizaţi Cetatea Rasnov pe o hartă mai mare

For visitors, the citadel can be visited every day. Being in a top of a hill, you can get there by mini-cars (tractor–pulled cars) or on feet. On feet it will take you about 20 minutes through the forest, on a very nice alley.

The entrance fee is 10 lei for adults and 5 lei for kids and students (about 2.5 and 1.75 euro).


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