Sighisoara Medieval City, Romania



Sighisoara is a must see destination in Romania. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage program, it is one of the nicest and well preserved Medieval Cities in Romania, and even Europe.

It was founded by German craftsmen who were invited by the king of Hungary to settle in Transylvania to defend the borders. Of course they got special rights for it. In 1280 is dated the first document that atested the settlement that was lived by the Germans, named locally like Sasi (sash).

To defend against the invaders, people made the first city wall that has around 1 km, started from 1350. First, the wall had 4-5 meters high, but then was over-raised up with another 3-4 meters.

Even Vlad Dracul, the father of Prince Vlad the Impaler (known as Dracula) lived here in exile.

In present remained 9 craftsmen’ towers and 3 defense towers. Every craft had its own tower, where, when they were attacked, they hid the women and children and their valuables as the men started to defend the city. The most spectacular of all is the Clock Tower of 64 meters high, which you have to visit, as it is a museum and has even a terrace from where you can see the city from above. Another thing that I love there is the covered staircase (the Pupil’s Stairs) made entirely in wood in 1642 and which has 175 steps. On the top of the staicase you will find the Hill School and the Hill Evangelic Church with the cemetery, where the famous city pople were buried. Of course you can visit the weaponry  museum and the torture chamber (not recommended for those with a weak heart – and I mean it).

Vizualizaţi Sighisoara pe o hartă mai mare

There is to mention that every year, in the last weekend in June, there is a Medieval Festival here. The city is crowded with people dressed in medieval clothes that are playing theatre, are fighting in the streets and are singing, and, of course, with thousands of tourists.


The Medieval City can be visited anytime, but the museums (especially the Clock Tower which is a must-see) can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday. Monday it is closed.

The ticket price is 12 lei (around 2.5 euro) and there are discounts for kids and students.

For more information you can visit the page.


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