Prejmer Citadel, Brasov, Romania



If you are going to visit Prejmer, not too far from Brasov City,
you will find an astonishing citadel from Medieval times.

In the 13th century, the Teutonic Knights started the building of a church after they’ve got the permission to settle here from the Hungarian King. In the 15th century, the German inhabitants of the village started to build the citadel’s walls to protect them and the church during wars.

The citadel has two yards. The first one, circular, about 80 meters in diameter is surrounded by a 3-4 meters thick wall having 12 meters in height. The second yard is smaller and is like an antechamber to the bigger yard. This one was used to block the spearhead of the enemy here and to kill it.

On the outside, there are four circular guarding towers built for fortification. The wall has narrow shooting windows for killing the outside enemies by arrows and later, by guns. Here was found the “death organ”, a system that was firing more guns in the same time, putting a lot of panic and fear in the enemies. There was also a water moat arround the citadel, but today it doesn’t exist anymore. On the inside, there are about 275 rooms on 3 or 4 levels, inter-connected by wooden stairs. This rooms were used by the families to store their crops and to hide during the wars.

Prejmer is the most fortified citadel built by the inhabitants of a village in the South of Transylvania.

Vizualizaţi Prejmer pe o hartă mai mare

The visiting days are from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Sundays and Mondays it is closed. From May to November, the visiting hours are prolonged until 5:00 PM, but only from Tuesday to Friday.

The admission price is 8 lei for adults (around 2 euro) and 4 lei for children/students.


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